What Is A Resolution? Why Do We Make Them? When Do You Decide What Your Resolutions Are? How Do You Make Them Happen?

Probably the longest title I have ever had on one of my blog posts, but sit tight… You know me, I know where I’m taking this… HAHAHAHAHA!!!! FYI: It’s taken me several days to write this, mostly because I’ve been struck by the plague! (Not really, but yeah… really! 😷🤒😷)

Let’s start by defining the word “Resolution“:
res·o·lu·tion [ˌrezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n]

NOUN firm decision to do or not to do something:he kept her resolution not to see Anne any more” · “a New Year’s resolution”synonyms: intention · resolve · decision · intent · aim · plan · commitment · pledge · promise


I guess that if I am going to discuss the obvious “RESOLUTION” subject then I should perhaps begin by breaking down my very humble and personal opinion about “resolutions” and why I generally find them to be redundant, useless, and quite frankly dumb. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the definition of the word, just not the way we generally as a society use the first of the year as a blank slate that only turns into disappointment and self doubt by month 3. Everyone gets “excited” about a “new year” and a “new opportunity“. I get that. But I firmly believe that if you are going to seize that opportunity of a “new” “blank” “clean” slate then you need to embrace your past, accept your defeats, appreciate your downfalls, recognize your enemies, & learn to make all those things work together towards a wiser, stronger, & purposeful New YEAR! Now that I got the obvious out of the way… Are you still reading? I promise this has an amazing twist!!! (I’m not sure what that twist is just yet, but I’m just gonna keep writing until it comes full circle!)

SIDE NOTE: This past week I’ve felt quite undertheweather (<—– what does that actually mean?!?!) being in the healthcare field generally exposes me to every illness under the sun, but being around my “Swiffer Germ Picker Upper Children” seems to be my biggest trap! Lord knows I may someday suffer from Lysol induced Emphysema! END SIDE NOTE. Anyway… Back to “Resolutions” this incoming year my resolutions are different than every other year… For the past umph-number of years my resolutions included losing weight, eating healthier, & paying off our debt. The resolutions were no different year after year. This year (well in the last 3 months) something changed. My resolutions were twisted and turned, transformed into more than words but actions. I realized that in order for my resolutions to take flight I had to make tough choices and accept my own challenges to change my future and upcoming new year 2018!

So with that being said, I lay here right before your very eyes my RESOLUTIONS PLAN for 2018. I implore you all to do the same. Take a moment & write them down. Put them on your fridge door, bathroom mirror, dashboard, cell phone screen saver… you get the point! If you don’t see what you want, you can’t change what you have.

Here it goes!

Faith: In 2018, I want to take my faith to another level. I have always believed in God and in the power of prayer. I have always felt a nearness to “the man upstairs” and have always had a very honest and blunt relationship with Him. He gets me. But this year I feel like I owe Him more of me. I owe Him more thanks, more trust, more love. In 2018, I will make more time for Him and be sure to live my life the way He has taught us to live. Yes, I am human & FAR FROM PERFECT! (But He already knows that! 😂) But I do know wrong from right & I know that in life we should always give more than we take. I know that I have a purpose on this earth and that he has set my path. I need to learn to trust him blindly and realize I AM NOT in the drivers seat even though I very often attempt to take over. In 2018, all my decisions and goals will be made only after I pray and after I remind myself that I am to “Let Go & Let God” because only He can clear the path for what greatness lies ahead. I have to learn to accept things as they come and trust that the outcomes will be His will.

Growth: In 2018, I will work towards my personal growth in self worth, self love, and self acceptance. For so long I have stunted my own growth out of fear and self doubt. I talk a good talk, but sometimes I’m scared of making the wrong choices. I worry that the decisions I make will somehow impact another and tend to put myself on the back burner in order to “please” others. In 2018, I will give my thoughts and goals a safe vessel to rise up! I may never stop being a “people pleaser” as a professional once told me… but I can be more aware of the decisions I make and take a moment to understand why I’m making the decisions and who I am making them for. A friend told me once… Instead of saying “I have to do this…” Say “I want to do this…” if that doesn’t click, then DON’T Do it! (Well unless it’s obviously something you MUST do! Like pay your bills and feed your children… 😂)

Inspiration: In 2018, I want to INSPIRE! I want to inspire people all over the country to find their happiness! I want to inspire men, women, & children to not walk but RUN towards their dreams! I want to make people feel something bigger than the everyday life! I want to inspire families to spend more time together, love each other more, & build memories for the future! I feel like although I am only 1 person I have a platform that can bring change to our society. I have been granted a gift. (Well at least I believe I have… the gift of words and an audience to read those words. I have to use my words wisely & make sure to INSPIRE with each letter I chose to right!)

Acceptance: In 2018, I will graciously accept what I cannot change. (Ok, maybe this one will be needing some modifications later… This one will definitely be a tough one!) The reality is that acceptance is learning to overcome what in my head I see as the “right way” or the “wrong way” and knowing both of those could very well be irrelevant!

Family: In 2018, I will build my family up! My husband is a gift from above… I’ve already made sure you all know that! This section today is for my daughters… I will remind my children everyday (even if they make me want to drink more than I should) that they are precious gifts that I’ve been blessed with. I will remind them how special they are and how important they are in my life. I will encourage them to be children! Live and be happy. I will tell them words of affirmation and use a softer tone when I am challenged with those moments of “I’m gonna kill these kids!”. (This is definitely gonna take A LOT of effort but it’s a GO BIG or go HOME situation!) My girls need to know that I love them unconditionally and that I will always be there for them. Yes, they drive me crazy! But they are my most prized possession and the greatest gift I have been given! Laying my life down for them wouldn’t require an additional breath. They need to know how special they are and how someday in this Big Big world they will assume their place in society and be important. I want them to know that as a parent my goal is to encourage them to be what they want to be and mold them into good souls with a value system that is built on faith, family, & love.

Last but definitely not least!

HEALTH: In 2018, I will continue my journey to find the best version of myself. I will continue to take one day at a time & live a healthier life to not only make myself feel better everyday but to teach my girls the importance of health, self worth, and self love. I used to allow a scale to define me. Sure, I still step on it on a weekly basis but mostly to know where I stand and to remind myself that I can’t give up. I will continue to meet new friends and build relationships with people who encourage me, motivate me, and force me to be better.  I will surround myself with people who push hard and build others up because I too want to do the same! In 2018, I will hit my 100 pound weight loss goal & do so with all the components I have mentioned above. I will live a healthy life mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

So there… my plan is set before you. This obviously took quite a bit of thought and I believe that at the young age of 36, for the first time in my life I have actually stepped away from the “New Year’s Resolution” cliché and actually written meaningful & truthful words that are palpable and sustainable. In 2018, my resolutions will give me perspective and understanding. Thank God I have a whole year to meet my deadline!

Before I end this heart felt blog post, I think I should take a moment to be thankful for 2017. Although my life was faced with some great challenges, my life was spared from tragedy & loss. My life was granted another year with health, love, family, friendship, and faith! I have an amazing family (and I will always be grateful for that!) as well as an amazing job and countless memories that will forever play in my head. Be grateful for 2017 even if it didn’t give you what you wanted most or even if it took something from you that you never thought would hurt as bad as it did… Why? Because 2018 is upon us and yes, we will likely face new found adversities but we will also hopefully find triumphs and reasons to celebrate a New Year! Take the challenging moments of 2017 and turn them into your stepping stones!

From the depths of my heart I want to wish each and everyone of you the Happiest of NewYears! Remember, this year doesn’t need to be like all the ones before. Give your “RESOLUTIONS” some thought, don’t fall in the trap! Make 2018 a year of self reflection and goals worth giving it everything you have!

Until next time…


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