Week 1 Results: 9/11/17

I’m super excited about this! I’m loving doing Weight Watchers! It’s so easy & so convenient for me. Several people have asked if I’m going to meetings, the answer is no. My work schedule is a bit challenging plus all of the activities my daughters have after school make it too hard. I have opted for the 100% online route! I love that everything I need to know is right on my smartphone & in my hand. They also have this incredibly AWESOME feature that comes with my monthly fee of $19.95 (totally worth it!!!) that literally allows you to CHAT LIVE with a WEIGHT WATCHERS GURU!!! A few days ago I was at Subway and had a question regarding how to calculate the “cheese” on my sandwich… I literally clicked the “chat now” button and BOOM! There was the GURU!!! My cheese question was answered in seconds! Uhm hellooooo that’s like better than “on demand”, it’s like having a PERSONAL HELPER! (Exactly what I need!!!) Plus it’s a happy carrot with a smartphone & headset!!! 

Week 1 has been a success to me & I’m motivated about Week 2! I’m excited to try some new recipes and also get to know some more of my new online Connect friends!! (It’s like Facebook, but not.) I love seeing posts from fellow members!!  I also love seeing the milestones everyone is reaching as well as the encouragement given to those just getting started or having a rough week. FYI: the Weight Watchers App is famazing!!!!!!!!! It’s definitely a lifestyle change and NOT a diet. 

Oh!! Let me show you my favorite food find in week 1:

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!! It’s about 12″x 9″ in measurement and 1/2 of on (6″ x 9″) is 1 smart point! The whole thing is only 2 SMART POINTS!!!! ?????????????? 

I made pizza with it! (I over toasted the edges a bit but I ate EVERY LITTLE MORSEL & LOVED IT! Recipe below:

I plan on using this food find as chips for hummus this week! (I over toasted one and it literally was like a cracker! Mistakes can be creative too! ?) 

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing week and look forward to what Week 2 has in store! 

OH! One more thing… I found the coolest recipe website!!!! Check it out! Linked here:

 Skinny Taste

Until next time…

-BadCupcakeGirl ❤️

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