Stop Staring! I’m Fat, Not A Circus Freak!

I think it’s important to let you all into my world… (Enter at your own risk!) I think that you should understand why I do what I do, why I say what I say, and why I think the way I think. So, here we go…

Yes, this blog is about me and my struggles but it is also for anyone who is, has been, or knows of someone that struggles with their weight and food addictions. For me, it’s a daily struggle and I HATE IT! Since I started this “concept” of public journaling, I’ve been so fortunate! I’ve heard from many people (most quietly because society has somehow made it a bad word or taboo subject) how they truly feel & suffer silently everyday too. (Excuse me one second… YES, I’m aware that I’m fat because of decisions I’VE MADE oh yes, AND I’M aware that I don’t have to STAY this way.) I’ve been lucky to hear how I’ve somehow “inspired” or “encouraged” or “motivated” them. Somehow my words have led them to make better choices or even allowed them to release that breath they’ve been holding for so long with shame. How intolerant are we as a society that a “fat” person has to tip toe (yes! tip toe) in order to avoid public humiliation? (Pathetic!) —That is definitely a soap box issue for me—

In case you didn’t notice, I write exactly what I feel. I believe that I owe that to anyone who wants to listen (or read) an unscripted, honest, and uncensored version of how hard this process actually is!

I want this blog to represent every woman, man, & even child that deals with the label “fat” every day of life. (Did you know that on several BMI charts, I’m considered “Morbidly Obese”? I weigh today 247.6 lbs & I am 5’4… Yes, my BMI is 40! Many people say, “WOW! I would’ve never guessed you weighed that much!” I usually giggle and say it’s my Cuban genetics that allow me to be so secretive of my weight! LOL!!!)

OK, lets get to the nitty gritty (is that term correct?) of the “fat” life!

Many will steer away from saying this but being “fat” is NOT enjoyable! (For those who disagree: LIARS!) Who wants to be stared at like some kind of Circus Freak? Who wants to go to a restaurant and request a “chair” because you can’t fit your fat ass into a booth? Who wants to use a public bathroom and panic because the only “handicap” stall is in use? (I use this one not because I’m handicap but because I don’t want any part of my fat ass to touch the dirty surfaces of the public bathroom- so everyone settle down, I did NOT say that fat people are handicap! FYI: That’s another soap box discussion we’ll have soon.) Who wants to make their children feel sad because of how other children tease them for OUR “fatness”? (My kid shouldn’t have to fight my battles!) Who wants to go clothing shopping and finding yourself buying the same elastic waist pants and XXXXL (exaggeration for emphasis) shirts that literally look like drapes? (yes, I’m aware of clothing stores that carry fat girl friendly clothes but I don’t care how cute the clothes is… those rolls don’t look cute under that cute outfit… And why do I want to pay $55.00 for a shirt that “regular” size people pay $25 for?) Who wants to be forced to buy a second seat on an airplane because 1/3 of you doesn’t fit in the seat you already purchased? (YES, THIS HAS HAPPENED – not to me but someone I know!)

I’ve written several “Who Wants” because they’re real life situations. I know many of you are not nearly as blunt as I am but I’m not ashamed to put myself out there (clearly) and neither should you. Am I fat? YES but I’m a human being with emotions and feelings. I’m aware of my short comings and I know that I have A LOT of work to do. If you feel ashamed or belittled by your appearance, I want you to know I feel your pain and I am here for YOU too.

Some have 100+ pounds to lose, others just a few. Regardless this is an everyday struggle in each of our own ways. Be a part of this blog. Share with me your struggles and frustrations but also share with me your successes! This blog is a “safe space” where you won’t be judged, laughed at, or mistreated. Comment on my posts freely! Regardless, I’m gonna put my thoughts in writing so you may as well let me know what you’re thinking.

Bad Cupcake… Put That Girl Down! Was inspired because I want to do something great in my life and I want you to join me! Losing this weight and making a lifestyle change will be one of my greatest accomplishments mostly because I don’t want to die fat… (That would suck for the people having to carry my ‘dead’ weight! -morbid but funny! Just think about that for second? HAHAHAHAHA)

-xoxo BadCupcakeGirl

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4 thoughts on “Stop Staring! I’m Fat, Not A Circus Freak!

  1. I love your blog! I have recently started going back to the gym. Group fitness classes can be fun because I don’t have a clue what exercises to do. The downside is the 80 year old who is working circles around you or the 20 year old who I’m sure has never seen a cupcake! Needless to say, I feel old, fat and slow at the gym. I keep telling myself that I will feel great once I get past the soreness (still rolling out of bed everyday). Thank you for making me feel not so alone.

    1. I’m so glad you took the time to read it!! I appreciate that! Believe me, I’m dreading the gym! Don’t feel old, fat, or slow… Instead feel wise, bountiful, & appreciative! LOL!!! It’s all in the word play. I’m worried about puking or passing out on the first day. (This has happened before… ?) in the end we just have to go in there and get past the initial shock! ?

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