Some Things In Life Should Always Be Sacred…

Let me begin by saying that first and foremost this post is one ☝️ of my all time favorites!!! Mostly because it intertwines two of my favorite things in life… 

Tomorrow marks 8 week’s since I started my Weight Watchers journey. Eight week’s since I called a huge time out in the game I like to call “badcupcakegirl vs. food”. It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with my weight and self control for a very long time. Actually, I pride myself with being uncensored and almost a little uncomfortable, with all of you through this written medium called a blog

Many times I’ve been in situations and I always revert back to an English Professor I had in college MANY YEARS AGO! He was one strange bird! I mean like way out there cucu-cachu crazy… but HE WAS BRILLIANT!! (He used to make us sit in a circle during class and he also was terrible with names, so he’d make up silly names to help him remember. I was “Cloudy Claudia” ?) I remember he used to always say…

“When you’re sad… Write”

“When you’re scared… Write”

“When you’re confused… Write”

“When you’re overwhelmed… Write”

“When you need affirmation… Write”

“When you get tired of writing… Write”

And so… Write. 

Now… to the “meat & potatoes” (hahahaha! My dad says that all the time & it makes me giggle!! ?) 

My husband has been a HUGE part of my journey. He is not only my soul mate… he’s my best friend & love of my life! He has seen me and loved me through some rather challenging times. Believe me when I say I wasn’t always this complicated. ? He’s picked me up when I was down & held me even higher when I was up! This man makes me feel completely safe & free & home. 

When he and I met 16+ years ago (blind date!!!) I realized that love at first sight is true & that I had met (unexpectedly) the man I would LOVE forever! (Kudos to my sister!!! She knows me well! ???) Together we have 2 beautiful, healthy, & sassy daughters. He is an exceptional dad, husband, son, son-in-law, brother-in-law, & friend! He is hardworking and dedicated to his family. He is my rock! ❤️

August 15, 2001 Our Very First Date!

Sorry, I lost focus and ran with that… don’t judge… Credit where Credit is due! ??

Ok!!! Back on track… Last night my hubby and I went out on a much needed date! We played tourists in our very own town! (FYI: If you’ve never been to Gatlinburg, TN on a Fall Night… YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!!)

Date Night 10/21/17 Gatlinburg, TN

It all started with an invite… in the past, I would’ve panicked! What would I wear? What will I eat?!?! Am I gonna look fat?!?! But this time was different! I was mentally prepared to enjoy myself and embrace the work I’ve put in over the past 8 week’s! I actually looked forward to walking the Gatlinburg Strip and loving the Sacred Act Of A Night Out On The Town With My Hubby!!!! 

I dressed up, put make up on, & strutted with happiness!!!! I am happy to be where I am today! I worked hard to get here… yes, the road ahead is still long… but it’s not about how long the road is but the journey itself! 

Date Night! My Favorite Night!

We started out at an amazing place I had never been to before!!! Shots of whiskey & a hilarious bartender!!!!! “James” was so much fun!!! We did  a whiskey tasting! 

Sugarlands Distilling Co. in Downtown Gatlinburg, TN

If you’ve never been to the Sugarlands Distilling Co. in Gatlinburg… YOU MUST GO!!!!!! Honest to God it was a blast!!! 

Here’s the other thing… I just LOVED being outside on a beautiful night with fantastic weather!! Plus we walked everywhere!!! I walked everywhere and I LOVED IT!!! 

A Night Out On The Town! Gatlinburg, TN 10/21/2017

After a few mini yummy (no like for real soooooo good) shots… we headed out & on to the next adventure… DINNER!!!! 

So, there is a place called Cherokee Grill… and they have the most DELICIOUS STEAKS!!! But more than delicious steaks… they have THE BEST BLUE CHEESE GRITS!!!!!! ?????????????? I have no idea how many points they had but I figured that they would certainly not exceed my weekly bonus points! So… I ATE THEM… ALLLLLL! (I didn’t lick the ceramic plate because I could totally hear my mom in my head telling me to stop acting like I was raised in a barn! ???) Oh… and the Peanut Butter PIE! ??‍♀️?? (Yes I ate that too!!! However, I shared. ?) 

239 Cherokee Grill in Gatlinburg, TN

FYI: our server was so freaking awesome!!!! “Lloyd” made sure my water glass was full at all times! (Mostly because one more drop of alcohol and I’d a been face planting in my grits! ?) I’d also like to give a shout out to their General Manager “Christie”- STELLAR! ❤️ 

After we had dinner we walked back to the hotel where we parked and as we were walking up the hill, (& I wasn’t gasping for air… ???) I had the most invigorating feeling! I felt pure pleasure!!! It wasn’t a “fat girl stuff yourself eating” pleasure at all, but a “healthier girl enjoying a date night with her one and only and eating to live not living to eat” feeling! I was so happy to enjoy a night where I felt genuinely HAPPY! Happy with myself. 

I realized in that moment that I could enjoy life without making my life about FOOD! I could find the pleasure in it, savoring it’s goodness without making it my “must have” but my “let’s enjoy”. 

I also realized that night that spending one on one time with my Love was truly something we needed to make sacred and something that I want to do until we’re gray and wrinkled! ????

You wanna know what was the craziest part of the entire night?!?!?!?! I didn’t stress about eating too much or if I would fall off the train and end up being that out of control food addicted over eater the next day. (This has ALWAYS been my pattern!!) You know why? (No seriously… do you? ?????) 

All joking aside, I realized that food doesn’t have to control me. I control ME. I had an incredible evening & still lost 4.8lbs during week 7. There’s an incredibly invigorating feeling, almost a euphoric moment, when you realize you may have actually broken thru one of your greatest walls! 

Looking forward, I have a new understanding & a new appreciation for what I can accomplish by simply putting my heart and mind to work together. My life matters to me. Saying “no” isn’t as hard as it used to be & I feel relieved! 

Next week, I begin my weight loss journey & transformation at 3D Studio Of Dance!!! Yes!!! I’m doing their Lose To Live Challenge!!!!! And I can’t wait!!! (Well I’m kinda scared… but it’ll be ok! Right?! ?????) 

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Until next time!

-BadCupcakeGirl ❤️


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