“Liar-Goose!” When Your 3 Year Old Calls You Out! 

I’ve talked a little about my “tween”… It is now time to talk about my “THREENAGER”! (Yes, I said “threenager”. If you are unsure what this terms means… It’s basically the “terrible 2’s” and the “teen” years rolled into an adorable little ‘adult in a pint size body’ package. (So adorable… as I gag myself with a spoon… )

So my family is a fantastic one. My husband, as I’ve mentioned before is a true gem. He works hard and lives to make his wife and kids happy. He seriously is one hell of a man! (Or maybe someone told him about that “happy wife, happy life” thing?) Whatever, he’s my best friend and one of my biggest cheerleaders. And since we’re Father’s Day bound… I have to say… He is an amazing DAD! He is a full time working, pigtail making, diaper changing, homework helping, boo-boo fixing, mac and cheese cooking, ahhhmazing dad! My kids are seriously the luckiest! (And I’m definitely not complaining – he is pretty easy on the eyes too! 😉 Oh! Sorry. I was just thinking out loud…)

Anyway, back to my kids. My “tween” has pretty much been in silent mode the last few days… no she isn’t angry at her “parents”, she had her tonsils & adenoids out this past week and she’s opted for silence. (There is a sick and twisted part of me that is actually missing her constant way too loud and repetitive conversations? I’ll get over it.) I do feel bad about the pain she’s in, I remember when I got my tonsils out and that was like… I don’t know… exactly 26 years ago! Soon she’ll be back on her feet and right back to making me clinically insane! (Until then, I enjoy this silence…)

And now… The sweet pea. The apple of my eye. The toddler. The THREENAGER!!!!!! You have no idea what I’m talking about unless you have one! As I mentioned before, they’re this really cute package of sass, attitude, & filter-less truth. My cute little package has 3 heads! (most of the time) She is so cute, when she’s sleeping. I’m not sure what happened? Where did my husband and I go wrong? When she was born she was the perfect baby! Hardly ever cried. Slept through the night at 2 months old in her OWN bed. Seriously this kid only cried if she was hungry. (poop didn’t even bother her!) Then, she turned 3. All bets were off, everything I ever believed about parenthood went to hell! (Including my feeling about the kid leash of which I have renamed the fashionable “safety strap”) **If you disagree with the leash… I mean safety strap then allow me to express myself… Oh wait! I can care less if you disagree… 🙂 My tween never needed a leash! I admit I was that parent who said appauled “How ridiculous! Can’t they control their child with out a dog leash?!” LOL!!!! WAAAHT a fool I was! The answer is NO, no you can’t control them…I’ve tried! **OK, I need to move on…

Anyway, since it’s taken 502 words to get this far let me tell you what my threenager did. I mentioned that she has no filter correct? O-K. Keep that in mind. Do you know how when you’re talking to other adults and your child decides to correct you on each detail you speak as you speak it. In front of whomever is around? (If you say, you don’t know what I speak of… you’re a “liar-goose!) This story is actually quite simple but so impacting to me as a mother and as a cupcake thief!

Picture this… I’ve gotten a half dozen of the whipped cream icing chocolate and vanilla cupcakes from a big box store. My 3 year old actually picked them out. When we got in the car, I ate one and gave her another. Well, while she wasn’t looking I ate another. (I am an admitted cupcake addict!) Anyway, on our trip home (25 minutes or so) I managed to eat 2 more.(I know I have a serious problem… We’ll discuss closet eating next time!) She just sat quietly in her car seat. No she didn’t. She was working on her escape plan from the car seat one arm at a time. (LOL!!! this kid is also an escape artist- I laugh to prevent the tears) Back to the cupcakes. If my math serves me right, that leaves 1 cupcake upon arrival to our home.

When we got to the house, I finished undoing her car seat straps (1 of the 5 point safety straps was all that was left!) and I brought down the groceries including the single cupcake. As I’m placing the groceries away, my tween says… “Mom! did you guys eat all these cupcakes already!!!??? I (as the parent in control) respond firmly and with a bit of disgust in my tone “Of course NOT! You’re sister and I shared them!” from a distance I hear… “You LIAR-GOOSE mommy!!”

Well, that was the fastest argument she ever won… How do you respond to that? I know!!!! You don’t. Accept your defeat, retreat quietly, and don’t encourage the beast. Sometimes, you just have to face reality even if your threenager is the one who calls you out. Lesson learned.

**In case you wanted to know… I’ve not done that again. Who knew the little monster would put me in check?! This journey is hard and I’m easily distracted. However, I know who I want to be and if that means my cupcake addiction needs to be stopped by a 3 year old then so be it.

#liargoose (her version of “silly goose” and “liar liar pants on fire”)

No emoji’s this time… I’m a little sad about this?




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