I’m In A Bad Funk. I Fell Short!

My journey to get healthy and find the best version of myself started 12 weeks ago! (Well 11 week’s & 6 days to be exact.) I started this journey on a prayer! (And the fact that I was gonna die if I didn’t get it together!!) I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I started it knowing that it was going to be a challenge and that I would have good days and bad days. That I would have great achievements and occasionally fall short. 

Almost 4 week’s ago I joined 3D Dance & Fitness and the Lose To Live Challenge. I was scared to death! BUT my momma always told me that stories were rarely written about cowards so… I pressed on! (I’m not a coward! 😂) 

This past week has been a difficult one for me. I’ve struggled with my mood and my motivation but I never “quit”, “gave up”, or “walked away”. I stayed the course. (Even though I genuinely didn’t have it in me.) I ate well, showed up to the gym even after working 13-14 hour shifts at the hospital. I was exhausted but still put my best effort forward. 

Yesterday, I had a really good conversation with one of my trainers “Lessie”. She heard me and listened. She let me vent and tell her how disappointed I was this week with my weight loss. (1 pound! Seriously?!?!?!?!?!) Then she brought out the “fat blob” the shows what 1 pound of fat was and also a 1 pound dumbbell. She said… “these are both 1 pound… you can have a pound of this (holding up “the blob”) or this (the dumbbell 💪🏼)…”. She told me we needed to tweak a few things but that it was still a win. (Besides, I rather look like the dumbbell than the blob of fat! 🤨)

In that moment although still sad but more accepting of the week’s progress, I left (with my protein shake of course!) and headed off to do groceries.

When I got home, I was still sappy and whiny. I sulked and watched movies the rest of the day. (I did do The Dance Fit Class  -well half of it- so I didn’t just couch potato it!) 

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up (still in a funk) but I showered and got ready for church. I needed to chat with the lord today! But before getting ready, I had my husband take my 12 week transformation pictures so that I wouldn’t be in a rush tomorrow morning since we both had to get ready for work & disperse our children accordingly. He expressed how much I was changing and how proud he was (he’s my husband… 🤔 & he knew I was in a sad funk phase so…) 

Anyway, we (my girls and I because he had to work) went to church in Gatlinburg. After church we decided to walk the strip and have some lunch. 

While having lunch at Mellow Mushroom (Gatlinburg, TN) I sat to build my before & after pics. 


I was speechless! Here I am all sad and upset about a 1 pound loss and then I see this! Suddenly, I melted the funk away with a smile and thanked God for making me SEE. 

This journey is so far from over that it’s not even funny, but this journey has proven to me today that dedication and commitment do rise! And that the people who surround me and love me and believe in me are being honest and truthful. They aren’t just telling me what I want to HEAR. They are there to hold my hand when I’m down and raise me up so I can FEEL the changes within me and accept that I’m not a machine!

I will no longer be sour or “salty” (apparently it’s the word of the millenials – just go with it!) over a 1 pound loss. Actually, I will be proud of it!!! 

Thank you “Lessie” for telling me to regroup my thoughts & thank you “Waylon” for pushing me to do those 4 extra hanging machine leg up things for my marsupial pouch on Friday! 

So without any more chatter… here they are… 

My Transformation Journey!

Until Next Time…


I can see it! Can you?
Week 1 268.8 lbs, Week 11, Day 6 237 lbs

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