First Weigh In For 2018

A little dose of truth serum never hurt so… here it is! Here it is, my first weigh in for 2018!!!!!

Weigh In 1/2/2018

My goals haven’t changed. I’m focused and ready! I’m driving this bus and I control my future… So, my food prep begins today & my exercise regiment does too!

PSA: If you Live in Sevier County…

The Lose To Live Challenge at 3D Dance & Fitness starts JANUARY 8th!!!!!!!

Sign up and give yourself the gift of health & Fitness! This place is a safe space for EVERYONE! Ages 13 and up can participate in the challenge. They encourage you, guide you, & change you! If you’re there to make a change, they are there to crawl, walk, & run right beside you!

(FYI: I pay the same thing you do! I endorse them because I BELIEVE in what they do & how THEY do it!)

Call them today and SIGN UP!!! Tell them BadCupcakeGirl told you so! I guarantee you won’t regret the decision.

Well… it’s time to start my sugar overload detox! (God help my family… 😂😂😂😂😂 because I’ve eaten A LOT of SWEETS!)

Lessie, Waylon, Cimber… Let’s do this!!!!!!!

Oh!!! And as far as my “diet”, I’m sticking with Weight Watchers & incorporating the L2L diet. I’m excited for FREESTYLE!

As always, I invite you to follow my journey on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter @badcupcakegirl & stay in touch with me!!

Until Next Time…


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