Amanda Faye Made Me Do IT!

So here we are! Let’s go ahead and get the introductions out of the way, while I still have the “new bloggers high”… (well lets be honest, before I somehow panic and change my mind about all of this.) OHHH!!! before we start this let me just be crystal clear… I’m very real and raw. I use swear words, I say inappropriate things at times, and I don’t make excuses for my style of thinking or writing. I am who I am, and I want everyone to know that this blog at times could get deep but it will certainly be worth the read!

My name is Claudia and I am a woman. (Amongst the other 33 million titles I hold… including mom, wife, daughter, sister, nurse, maid, cook, banker, accountant, personal shopper & taxi driver… need I say more? You get the point!) To be a little more precise, I am married to an unbelievably wonderful man who loves me and all my madness. I am the mother of 2 girls, a “tween” and a “threenager”, both the greatest gift from above. 🙂 And both the reason why I probably should drink more?! No really, my family is amazing and incredibly supportive of all my crazy ideas.

Anyway, now that we’ve established I’m just like a lot of you… I am a woman and well like “some” I struggle with food! I’m “fluffy”. I eat (A LOT) and basically I’m that lady who seriously has a plan every Monday to “start my diet” and well by 11:59 PM on Sunday I’ve already negotiated my escape from Alcatraz! (Yes, I’m that good!) To put things into perspective I’m 5’4 and currently weigh 246.8 lbs.

This blog isn’t about “fat” people or “skinny” people. It’s not meant to single out any particular group. If you’re happy where you are (weight wise) then more power to you. This blog is about the daily struggles I face with my weight and food. If you can relate to me then this blog is for you!

So, now lets cover why this post is titled what its titled… for a couple of years I’ve sorta kinda maintained a page on #facebook. (IF you feel inclined, visit it. Anyway, this “Amanda Faye” is one of my followers and friends and after my last post she messaged me and put the bug in my ear… (ewww! I hate bugs and as a nurse absolutely HATE bugs in ears or any other orifice!!) She suggested I take on a blog and enlighten all of you with my fantastical charm and short comings… I, up for the challenge of course agreed! If you hate it… you have her to blame! And if you love it??? I guess you’ll have her to thank! 🙂

Bad Cupcake! Put That Girl Down! is my pride and joy but it is also my life. It is me in writing.  I look forward to sharing my life with you and letting you all know that it’s ok to be yourself during the best of times and more importantly during the rough ones too! Follow me on this journey.


11 thoughts on “Amanda Faye Made Me Do IT!

  1. Love it Claudia!!! I wish I could write like that. I am in the same boat. STRESS!!!!!!!!!
    I have accomplished a couple of goals to help!
    New Job…..still stressed
    weight from 296 to 248!!

  2. Tomorrow sounds like a good Monday even though it is not Monday. You are an inspiration and I am in the same boat throw me a life jacket for a fluffy chic or just leave me out there until you can throw me a regular adult….

  3. You can do this! I recently got my own wake up call with gestational diabetes and the thought of pricking my fingers for the rest of my life is not ok with me ! P.s. Also tired of people saying maybe you should walk… Well I’m going to show them lol especially after this baby!

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