All I’ve Got This Week Is A Quote!

So this week, I’ve worked A – Lot! And I still have 4 more shifts to go before I get a much deserved vacation with my loves!! Instead of writing a crappy post, I decided to postpone it until next week! (Because I don’t do crappy! ?????… You’re welcome!)

I will say this… This nurse is NOT cut out for night shift ANYMORE. I swear I have jet lag! ???? I agreed to work 1 night shift… 1! I regret it! Oh yeah? And who thought it would be a good idea to work 6 dayshifts in a row after said Nightshift ?? ?? Brilliant! Just brilliant! (Said no one EVER!)

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Share my blog with everyone you know! There are so many people out there who I think would love to here someone who knows exactly how they feel. Someone who gets the tough parts about obesity but also someone who they can join in the journey to health! 

I look forward to a great post next weekend… That post will be the one! The one that will lay out my plan for success! Because my “Bye-Bye Fat Pants” reality will begin on 8/18/2016! I will embark on my 365 day challenge to be the best version of myself… 

On that note, as I prepare to go to sleep before the “hi-ho” moment arrives  I wanted to leave you a few words of wisdom…

(OH!!!! Guess what? I have a rooster!!!!!! He was supposed to be an adorable chicken, I was lied to… But he is learning to crow or yodel or whatever they do. His internal clock is a bit off so I expect a few raspy teenage boy like voice crows before my real wake up time!) 

Words to live by:

Until next time…


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